Kakie is one of those areas of Karate that is seldom fully understood, practiced well or used to its true training potential. Relaxation – Technical Correctness – Feeling – Deep Understanding – Controlling – Kumite – Covering – Chin Kuchi – Flowing – Opportunity. All of these instantly come to mind when thinking of Kakie.

There are various methods of Kakie taught regularly on Okinawa with each having its own emphasis. There’s certainly more to it than just being over relaxed and sloppy, or even trying to just muscle power things in like a bull. As a golden rule if your shoulders feel like they are dropping off after 5 or even 10 minutes practice, then you’re probably not connecting everything as one should.

Strangely, some of my most wonderful experiences in Karate have been centered around Kakie. From my initial introduction to this practice under Brian Hinchliffe Sensei who never failed to amaze and frustrate me with the ease and fluidity that he’d control others. Then there was the time that I witnessed Senaha Sensei controlling and throwing around Karate Ka like they were rag dolls, many being much heavier and stronger, all done with ease after consuming a few beers and a bottle of whisky. Yes it’s true!! I was one of them on the receiving end. Not forgetting the many hours of meticulous technical correction received under James East Sensei which continue to this day. Plus of course the private in Dojo Kakie battles…

Here is a great short clip of Minoru Higa Sensei of the Kyudokan Dojo demonstrating one of the lesser known variations of Kakie. Like most things in Karate it takes much practice to do well. Enjoy.