I’ve seen much Kata over the years, in most cases though something doesn’t seem quite right. Regardless of style or system practiced, how precise the Kata looks or even how many deadly application the Karate Ka may know. If there is no true feeling or depth of understanding then all is pretty much useless.

Yes different Dojo will have their own ways of doing things, but often people will hide behind this just as they do having trained for many years, holding a high grade or making claim to lineage. Imitation and talking things up won’t get you anywhere regardless of who one is able to convince.

A Sensei with a true understanding of Kata will be feeling it and living it, as there is so much going on that they will be thinking about through out each Kata that they practice. Tenshin to Chin Kuchi to Mobility to Stability to Power Generation, to Calmness to Speed to Decisiveness to Zanshin to Koshi, the list goes on and on…..

I’ve met Taira Sensei a couple of times now and he impresses me not just in his Karate Kata ability and understanding but his humbleness too. Most serious Karate Ka could learn a lot from watching how Taira Sensei practices is Kata, I know that I most certainly do.