A Sensei of Karate who has practiced, refined and taught their Karate for many years… What would they/you actually leave behind as their/your legacy!?

1. Students that trained with you during your initial early years of teaching.
2. Students that trained with you during the later years.
3. Students that were of varying levels of understanding and ability in different areas of Karate training.
4. Students that were of varying ages and maturity.
5. Students that trained with you regularly over many years.
6. Students that trained with you irregularly over many years.
7. Students that go on to teach your teachings to the letter exactly.
8. Students that go on to develop and expand on your teaching methods.
9. Students that pass your teachings on at a much lower level of understanding.
10. Students that take your teachings off into a totally different direction to your ideas and beliefs all together.
11. Students that only trained with you for a few months or years.
12. Students that stayed loyal and trained with you for many many years.
13. Students that go on to have a large following of Students.
14. Students that go on to have a small following of Students.
15. Students that knew your Karate training methods inside out, who you shared your advanced teachings with.
16. Students that in truth had very little understanding of your personal Karate at all.

Students that were lazy, students that trained their butt off… Students that had natural ability, students that had to work hard for everything… Students that had a good attitude, students that ended up showing that they had poor character… The list could go on………

I have often heard the saying that a student is only as good as their teacher, and in most cases it is true for sure. However, whilst it is important to have a good teacher, it is equally important to have the right attitude as a student too by taking responsibility for your own training and the direction it takes. Or in the fine words of Senaha Sensei, the relationship between Sensei & Student is based on loyalty, honor and mutual respect.