I accept that my postings on here are at times are a little sporadic, this is for several reasons. I certainly enjoy writing about Karate and the Martial Arts so it isn’t due to lack of enthusiasm or things to write about, basically I much prefer training than I do talking about it or teaching. Therefore, after work and family commitments being a practising Karate Ka will always take priority.

My intention is still to continue to drop the odd post on here from time to time. However, I also post regularly by way of social media or Facebook. There is no motive or agenda I just find it all very quick and easy. I do accept that at first, I was more than a little sceptical as generally I’m not the biggest fan of social media, but by setting things to private it stops any silliness and creates a place of interest for those Karate Ka who are genuine serious and sincere regardless of school or style.

Kind regards, Glyn.