Over the years I have received much personal guidance from Tamaki Hidenobu Sensei 9th Dan, be this training under his watchful eye in the Dojo or during private conversations. Anyone who has had the privilege of spending time around him, will most certainly testify to both the uncompromising effectiveness of his Karate techniques, together with the exemplary basis from which his Karate stands. Not only has he been a loyal student to his teacher on Okinawa spanning some 45 years or so, as the Dojo Sempai he continues to lead from the front and by example through training hard alongside all other students. A lesson in itself that many Karate Ka would do well to learn from…

Where by many senior Karate practitioners of this standing have sought fame or a large following of students, or maybe even talk more or better Karate than they do train. Tamaki Sensei has shunned all of this for a life time of studying the art quietly and privately under the guidance of his Sensei, whilst always allowing his personal Karate to do all the talking that is ever needed.

Here are just a few of the words of advice that I have received from Tamaki Sensei;


When turning in Kata always be fully aware serious and focussed whilst  being prepared to cover or block.

The moves of a Kata are not all as one but in segments of separately effective moves.

Once you start to feel and understand Karate your techniques will become relaxed and softer.

I practise Karate and Kata every day, you must do the same if you wish to understand the techniques.

Relentless daily repetition gives you automatic responses.

If you are ever grabbed, free you hands then attack, or just simply attack.

Learning to lock the wrists in to the positioning of the hands, be it to receive or strike, is very very important.

Kata does not mean that you will get immediate effectiveness in combat, learning to apply effective techniques will reveal the real meaning of its practise.

Practice both Kata and Kumite movements accurately.

Simply just moving around and doing moves or techniques means nothing, Karate needs to be understood.

If you practise Karate wrong, you will never understand or improve.

When you practice Kata always keep in mind quickness and precision.

Don’t just throw Kicks out, Kick with effectiveness in mind.

Learn to breath correctly, use short and brisk bursts when applying techniques.

Too many people these days just mimic Karate and its Kata moves, this is not real Karate.

Keep searching and working for  the better or best interpretations of Kata moves.


Tamaki Hidenobu Sensei, 9th Dan Ryusyokai Okinawa Goju Ryu Karate.