Karate is of course about the training that we do inside the Dojo, well in most parts anyway. To others outside of our Sensei to Student relationships and personal Dojo’s thus has little meaning. However, yesterday evening we had a video camera at hand in our Dojo so I thought that I’d put a few clips on my blog here, nothing special or fancy of course, just basic in Dojo Karate training.

The first clip is of myself trying to talk and explain things at the same time as I demonstrate, something that I don’t actually like doing, I prefer to actually just practise and train hard with a training partner, thus concentrating solely on what I and my training partner are doing. But needs must at times of course when teaching….. The second clip I am
filming as the guys pair off and work on things as a group.

There are of course many training drills that we practise as a Dojo, especially as far as variations in hooking hands practise goes, so please don’t think that this is one way or a set way or anything like. This method just allows you to work around the hand rotations and push, pull, attack, defend, turn, unbalance or ground your training partner. To acquire an understanding of rooting, sticking, protective covering and feel is a must here, together with hand to eye and body coordination of course.